Suicide awareness training is essential to improving teen safety. It is imperative that there is an umbrella of awareness covering teens in every aspect of their lives—school, home, church, sports. Studies show that the vast majority of people having suicidal ideation ask for help. Sometimes this may be direct in the form of “I’m thinking of killing myself”…but more often the plea for help is less obvious. Suicide awareness training helps to recognize those subtle signs that someone is struggling with thoughts of suicide.

Peer Initiative offers safeTALK suicide awareness trainings statewide to anyone 15 years of age and older. SafeTALK trainings have a minimum requirement of 10 people and a maximum of 30 people. Please use the “Contact” tab above to request more information on safeTALK trainings or schedule one for your group. Peer Initiative is pleased to provide these trainings at no cost to participants thanks to generous donations from our supporters.

Peer Initiative also travels for speaking engagements on teen suicide prevention, our innovative peer support program, and our advocacy efforts. Please use the “Contact” tab above to schedule a speaking engagement for your group.